Sunday, 2018-12-09 12:00 PM - Sunday, 2018-12-09 12:30 PM
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Jayachandran giving a lecture demo about Tiruvarur

This is an attempt to make sense out of a cultural phase that the historic city of Hyderabad is going through based on the keen observation of the cultural scene of the city for well over a decade.


As a newly minted State, Telangana is trying to forge an association with and reach out to re-establish itself with an identity of its own on all fronts – economic, political and cultural-drawing its strength from its past. As a part of its cultural promotion, various workshops, seminars, conclaves and a host of cultural activities are being organised in various cultural centres of the city.

Recently concluded, Nartanam Conclave, thanks to the tireless efforts of Madhavi Puranam of Nartanam dance journal, had many discussions and debates on dance related issues along with beautiful dance performances.
Ravindra Bharathi, the iconic cultural centre of the twin cities, is where arangetrams (debuts) take place at lightning speed with young dancers dancing to their social media followers and thanking the journalists for gracing the occasion, who faithfully write glowing reviews the next morning!

Their technique is adequate to wonderful, depending on their teachers and they essay lengthy varnams, padams and javalis and they mimic their ‘gurus’ to a T. A joyful evidence that many are imparting and many more are imbibing classical culture! However, scratch beneath the surface- beyond these joyful renderings of padams, glittering jewellery and costumes – one can perceive that there is a certain disconnect and a hollowness that provokes unsettling questions.

Questions that are never asked or addressed in any workshops or conclaves, the proverbial elephant in the room! The questions are related to but not limited to the dancer's understanding of (or rather, lack of) the content, context, body awareness, teaching and research methodology and the adequacy of the training that is being imparted to these youngsters.

Courtesy : Tha Hans India